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Are you Pregnant? Considering Placing Your Baby for Adoption in Boulder? We can help.

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We have adoption options in Boulder and across Colorado. Adoption is always an option for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and always free for birth mothers. Included in an adoption plan with¬†Colorado’s premiere adoption agency includes adoption support, financial assistance, and counseling.

Adoption Choices of Colorado is a nonprofit, licensed, private adoption center specializing in newborn and infant adoption. We serve birth parents in Boulder and area as well as across Colorado. Our adoption professionals are experienced and ready to help you through the adoption process – we can meet you virtually or face to face – we can come to you. We are available 24/7 to our birth parents.

How to Give Up My Baby for Adoption in Boulder


Placing Your Baby for Adoption with an Agency


Should I Choose Adoption?


What Are the Requirements for Placing a Baby for Adoption in Colorado?

There are no specific requirements to place your child for adoption in Boulder, Colorado. Anyone can place a baby for adoption, as long as you feel adoption is the right choice for yourself and your child.

At any age, at any time during pregnancy, and even after the baby is born, you can choose adoption.

Benefits of Placing My Baby for Adoption


What Age do I have to be to Place a Baby for Adoption?


How Far Along do I have to be to Choose Adoption?


Homeless, Prison, Drug Addiction and Adoption

If you are facing a difficult situation, our Boulder Adoption Center can still help. If you are homeless, in jail or prison, addicted to drugs or abusing alcohol, having citizenship troubles, or a victim of sexual abuse, we can help you create an adoption plan.

If you are pregnant and in a difficult circumstance, choosing adoption with Adoption Choices of Colorado for your child can bring peace and comfort in these trying times.

Please know that adoption is always an option for you.



If you are looking to adopt a child, please click here