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What is an “Agency State” in Adoption

By: Jan Douglas

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for information on how to put a child up for adoption? Do you want to learn the facts regarding adoption? Adoption Choices of Colorado has been helping pregnant women since 2002. We are a local, private adoption agency. If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Colorado Springs or anywhere in Colorado, one of our adoption specialists is available 24/7. Many people do not know Colorado is an agency state for adoption. This means all non-licensed agencies and facilitators must work with the state-licensed agencies. 

Advantages of Working with a Local, Licensed Adoption Agency

Adoption Choices of Colorado is a state-licensed adoption agency in Colorado. Local adoption agencies are reviewed annually by their state government, and the state renews its license. A local adoption agency is an expert on applicable adoption law in Colorado. Our agency can offer the most up-to-date information if you are an expectant woman considering private adoption in Colorado

When a birth mother works with a local adoption agency, she can meet face-to-face with her adoption specialist. There are various reasons why a woman chooses to give her baby up for adoption at birth. Each adoption story is unique. We believe adoption is a brave and courageous choice. Yet, it may also be an emotional and stressful time. Forming a relationship with your adoption specialist brings a whole level of support not found at an out-of-state adoption agency. Working with a local adoption agency means we are nearby whenever you need us. 

A local adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Colorado is involved in the adoption process from the first meeting or phone call to birth and post-placement support. A local adoption agency can also provide many services to a birth mother. We can help with medical, transportation, and living expenses related to the pregnancy. We also offer counseling throughout the pregnancy as well as after the birth. When a birth mom works with an out-of-state agency, she misses eligible birth mother benefits in Colorado. 

Steps in the Adoption Process in Colorado

  1. Contact Adoption Choices of Colorado and schedule an initial meeting. Text: 720-371-1099 or Call: 303-670-4673(HOPE). Our adoption professionals have the birth mother’s best interests. We can help you create an adoption plan based on your needs. There will always be open communication, no pressure, nor judgment. And we are licensed.
  2. Schedule a meeting with one of our compassionate adoption specialists via phone or video. Whatever is comfortable.
  3. Pre-natal care, choosing the type of adoption, financial assistance, and reviewing family profiles. Adoption Choices of Colorado wants to ensure you are financially and emotionally well-supported. We can help with medical expenses from your pregnancy and delivery and help with housing, such as paying your rent for four to six weeks after your delivery. 
  4. Choosing the Adoptive Family – we will give you several family profiles to review. Your adoption specialist can help you list your priorities: parents’ age, professions, place of residence, religious preferences, other siblings, and whatever you imagine for your unborn baby.
  5. Pregnancy, Birth, Hospital Plan – hospital birth? Would you like the adoptive parents present at the birth? Do you want visitors? Pictures with the baby and the adoptive family? These are tough decisions. Your adoption specialist will be with you every step of the way, offering support, love, and encouragement.
  6. Post-placement Support – our agency supports you, the birth father, and any family members. We understand a birth mother may experience lingering emotions following the birth. We will still be there for you with counseling after placement. 

What is an Adoption Plan?

When placing your baby for adoption, you will decide on the type of adoption in your adoption plan. There are three types of adoption: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption.

  • Open adoptions are much more common today. This adoption is for a birth mom who wants a relationship with the adoptive family and child after birth. The wonderful thing about open adoptions is the creativity a birth mother can embrace when creating her plan. Would you like visits with the child? How often? Phone calls? Some birth parents celebrate holidays, birthdays, or milestones. Your adoption specialist will help you think through these decisions. It will help to know your wishes when you review family profiles. 
  • Semi-open adoption is a good choice if you want to know how the child is doing but do not want a direct relationship. Circumstances surrounding the pregnancy or the emotional health of the birth mother may influence the type of adoption she wants. With this type of adoption, you will receive updates, usually from the adoption agency. They can be letters, emails, photos, or whatever the birth mom wishes. 
  • A closed adoption resembles adoptions of years past. The birth mother and adoptive family will not share personal information except the birth mom’s medical history. The birth parent will not receive any updates. 


Making an adoption plan can bring peace of mind. You are a part of your child’s life as you envision a life for your unborn baby. Choosing adoption and coming up with an adoption plan is taking action. You are selecting an adoptive family that will give the child the best opportunities in life. Your adoption specialist will help you create your plan, which you will write down.

Choosing Adoption in Colorado is a Precious Gift

Parents who choose to adopt have often undergone heartbreak in not being able to have their own children. They frequently have a deep love that goes beyond biology. A birth mom can find comfort in this loving gift. Adoption Choices of Colorado can offer heartfelt guidance and support for adoption in Colorado Springs or any location in Colorado.