Pregnancy Expenses

Financial Assistance

Our agency will provide court approved living expenses for birth mothers who need the help. We can help with expenses such as rent, utilities, food, sundries, and your phone bill. We understand how difficult it is to get back on your feet and return to work after delivering a baby and we want to help you as much as possible. Depending on your State of residence, the amount of court approved expenses may vary.

Medical Care

We will help you find assistance in paying the medical expenses that are a result of your pregnancy and delivery. The portion of your medical expenses that are not covered by private insurance or state funding will be provided by the adoptive family. Your worker is available to help with finding and scheduling prenatal appointments as well as setting up a hospital tour if you are interested. Also available to you is a Lamaze/Birthing Education Coach through our agency. She is available to you and can do private classes to help you feel comfortable and ready for delivery.

Housing and Transport

We can help you find or apply for housing, and help with paying your rent during your pregnancy and up to four to six weeks after your delivery. We want you to feel safe and secure in your living situation and help provide shelter to you and your family.

Your worker will help you with transportation to your doctor appointments, to pick up your prescription and to take you to any legal representation appointments. They are also available to help with transportation to apply for Medicaid, food stamps, employment or furthering your education. If further assistance is needed, i.e., trips to the grocery store or a ride to work, your worker is happy to help arrange that for you or provide a bus pass if you choose.



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