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Pregnant? Considering Adoption?
Let's Talk About Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Are you Pregnant and Considering Adoption? We can help.

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Do you Need Unplanned Pregnancy Help?

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and/or you are pregnant and considering giving baby up for adoption, we are a local Colorado agency ready to help. If you don’t feel ready or able to parent your baby, adoption is a great option. Being pregnant might be the last thing you expected and you might feel at a loss for what to do. Worries plague your mind and emotions overwhelm you. Am I going to survive this? Who do I go to for help? What are my next steps when choosing adoption for my baby? Life, overall, feels like an insurmountable challenge.

You’re not alone! Adoption Choices of Colorado knows that this isn’t what you imagined, what you envisioned for yourself nor your child. But life doesn’t always go as planned. You’re not the first woman to face an unplanned pregnancy, and you certainly won’t be the last. You have options, including choosing adoption, and there are adoption agencies in Colorado to help.


Pregnant and Considering Giving Baby Up for Adoption

As the top-rated adoption center in Colorado, Adoption Choices of Colorado has the experience to help. Our services are confidential and always free for birth parents. We will discuss all your options, help you create an adoption plan, review adoptive family profiles with you, and provide counseling and financial support along your adoption journey.

We can meet you in person, we can come to you, or virtually, you choose the platform. Contact one of our adoption professionals today, and let us provide the support that you deserve through the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Colorado is available 24/7 by phone, text, or email. You can talk with one of our compassionate birth parent counselors to have your questions answered. No judgment; no pressure.

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

Considering Adoption for My Baby: What Are My Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy?

unplanned pregnancy ColoradoAs the realization of your unplanned pregnancy sets it, your brain can experience numbness or shock. Even a wave of terror. But your life isn’t over. You aren’t alone, and you have options available. Three, to be exact. You can either continue the pregnancy and become a parent, terminate the pregnancy, or make a plan for adoption – discussed more below.

It’s important that you research each option thoroughly and that you don’t make any quick decisions. Also, be sure to call your doctor or OB/GYN to make an appointment. This can help determine how far along you are in the pregnancy and what your next steps should be.


Creating a Colorado Adoption Plan When Giving Baby Up for Adoption

Understand that it’s never too early nor too late to create an adoption plan. From when you discover you are pregnant to even after the baby is born – adoption is an option and we can help.

Your decision to chose a plan for adoption can be overwhelming – we are here when you are ready.

Adoption Options FAQ

A Few Benefits of Choosing Adoption with Adoption Choices

Parenting vs. Adoption

parenting vs adoption Colorado.jpgYou may consider parenting your child. While unexpected motherhood is challenging, it’s not impossible! Sometimes, women facing an unplanned pregnancy simply know that it is not the right time for them to be a parent. They may never see themselves as being parents.

However, if you feel this way, you may be wondering: is this enough of a reason to choose adoption?

If you do not see yourself as a parent, then that is more than enough reason to explore your other options. Whatever your reasons are and whatever stage of life you are in, you do not have to parent before you are ready, and you always have other options.


Am I Ready to Choose Adoption?

Ask yourself the following questions before making a decision:

  • Can I give my son or daughter the life he or she deserves?
  • Am I willing to work hard to put myself in a better place for my child?
  • Am I prepared financially to support a child?
  • Do I have resources and support to parent a child?
  • Do I want to be a parent?

If you’re determined to take steps to provide a better situation for your unborn child, start by visiting your healthcare provider. Not only will your doctor make sure that you and your baby are healthy, but he or she can also be a good source for your mental well-being. Raising a child isn’t easy, but there is help that exists. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Termination vs. Adoption

It’s okay if you don’t feel ready to become a parent at this point in your life, you have the right to choose to terminate your pregnancy. Remember that abortion laws vary by state. Colorado is a “pro choice” state, and one of the few states that permits a late termination. Outpatient abortion is available up to 26 weeks. There’s also no mandatory waiting period before being able to obtain an abortion, and any woman may terminate their pregnancy without permission and/or knowledge from her spouse. However, law dictates that women under the age of eighteen must first notify at least one parent or legal guardian 48 hours before legally obtaining an abortion.

Be sure to consult an adoption lawyer, adoption professional, or your healthcare provider for more details on abortion in your state.

It’s no secret that abortions are much more common in the United States than adoptions are. There are many reasons why women choose this path. There are also many misconceptions about abortion. Abortion is not a quick and simple “fix” for a pregnancy nor is it inexpensive; making an adoption plan can be every bit as viable.

Choosing Between Abortion or Adoption

I Don’t Want to Parent or Terminate. What Do I Do?

choosing adoption ColoradoParenting nor terminating your unplanned pregnancy might not sound like the right path for you, adoption is always an option. Adoption allows you the opportunity to give your child a life you wish you were able to – one full of safety and security. It doesn’t matter how early or late you are in your pregnancy, adoption is an option. However, the earlier you contact an adoption professional, the sooner you can start receiving necessary prenatal care, housing assistance, financial aid for living expenses, counseling, support, and more!

Adoption will always be free to you, and our fully-trained and compassionate staff will make sure you receive the adoption services you need to have a successful adoption journey.

Tips to Deal with an Unplanned Pregnancy

Going through an unplanned pregnancy can invoke a range of emotions from fear to insecurity, to frustration and confusion, stress and depression. It is a life-changing moment in which you have to decide your future. Yet, through this whirlwind, your main priority should be on your health and the health of your baby.

Try and remain as calm and relaxed as you can throughout your pregnancy. Stress is a major threat to the health of your baby and yourself. One of the best ways to eliminate (or at least reduce) stress is to feel prepared. If you understand all the steps involved and what to expect when, you’ll have nothing to stress about.

Considering adoption as an option for your unplanned pregnancy is a beautiful option and we would love to talk to you! Don’t hesitate to reach out. Adoption Choices of Colorado is more than happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

Self-Care during the Adoption Process

Support Groups and Counseling Resources for an Unplanned Pregnancy

adoption support group ColoradoWe hear you loud and clear. Deciding to place your baby for adoption is an emotion-filled journey. It’s not easy to make alone. Adoption Choices of Colorado knows how important it is for you to stay healthy and feel taken care of throughout the process. We also know how lonely you can feel in choosing adoption.

Basically, there is good news for you! We have counseling services available to help you put together a customized plan that you are 100% comfortable with. From one-on-one support to group counseling with Lifetime Healing, we are here for you through post-placement.

Our counseling services extend to the birth father and any other children who would like it as well. Adoption is in an intricate process, and we want you to have as much support, love, and care as possible so that you feel confident about your decision to place your child for adoption and whatever the future brings you.

And the best part? Above all, our counseling services are FREE!!

CO Adoption Services

Significantly, as a birth mother with Adoption Choices of Colorado you can expect free adoption services. Counseling and support always comes at no cost to birth mothers who choose to put up their baby for adoption. Our agency will provide court approved living expenses for birth mothers who need the help. We will help you find assistance in paying the medical expenses that are a result of your pregnancy and delivery.

Adoption professionals can also help you find or apply for housing, and help with paying your rent during your pregnancy and up to four to six weeks after your delivery. Your adoption specialist will help you with transportation to your doctor appointments, to pick up your prescription and to take you to any legal representation appointments.

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado welcomes anyone who has ever placed a child for adoption with any agency, anywhere, anytime to join our Post-Placement Support Groups for Birth Mothers. We offer a monthly support group in Golden – the second Monday of every month!

Pregnant Considering Adoption

We hear these words all the time and we understand! We know you are nervous, uncomfortable, and searching for what to do: pregnant considering adoption

Along with help, I’m not ready, and I don’t want… We know that you are likely not in a situation to parent. We also understand that terminating your pregnancy isn’t an option. Either you are too far along or it’s not a solution you believe in, there is still another option. You don’t have to terminate this pregnancy and you don’t have to parent this child. You can choose adoption. Adoption is a loving option that puts you in control of your situation.

Do you need to put your baby up for adoption? We know how difficult this decision can be and we have the adoption experts to help. We are local, right here in Colorado. We will never ask you to make decisions that you aren’t comfortable with. We will never judge you nor coerce you to choose adoption. In fact, if you are being coerced by anyone to choose adoption, stop right now! You have the power to choose!



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