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Placing Baby for Adoption in Colorado

If you are pregnant or have a newborn baby and you are considering adoption, we are the best adoption agencies across Colorado that can help.

If you are not ready to parent, don’t want a baby, or you are not in a situation that you can handle a baby/child, adoption might be the best option for you. Adoption Choices of Colorado are the adoption agencies in Colorado that can help you create an adoption plan, where you are in control of decisions. You can pick an adoptive family based on your preferences, have an open or closed adoption, develop a hospital plan, receive financial assistance, support, and post-placement communication and counseling. We offer 24/7 pregnancy and adoption counseling. We are here for you!

In Colorado, adoption services are available with our adoption agency. For over 20 years, Adoption Choices of Colorado has been providing pregnant women from Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and all across Colorado extensive support, resources, and guidance throughout their pregnancy and adoption process.

Adoption Agency in Boulder


Adoption support across Colorado, Adoption Choices of Colorado can help expectant women anywhere in the state. We can help with financial assistance and counseling.

Adoption Agency in Colorado Springs


Searching for an adoption agency in Colorado Springs can be overwhelming. Choose an agency that provides personal support, Adoption Choices of Colorado is here for you.

Adoption Agency in Denver


Adoption in Denver is an option with Adoption Choices of Colorado. We have supportive staff across the state that will come to you or meet virtually.

adoption in Aurora Colorado


There are many reasons why you might choose to place your child for adoption in Aurora. Adoption Choices of Colorado is committed to providing comprehensive services and caring support to birth parents.

adoption Brighton in Colorado


Adoption Choices of Colorado can help you choose adoption in Brighton if you are a woman or couple facing an unplanned pregnancy.

adoption in ft collins colorado


Adoption Choices of Colorado knows that sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned. If you are pregnant and in (or near) the Ft. Collins area, we can help you create an adoption plan that you are in control of.

adoption in Greeley Colorado


If you are experiencing a pregnancy that was not planned, you know that you have options and you may be considering adoption in Greeley. Adoption Choices of Colorado is ready to help you.

adoption in lakewood


Adoption Choices of Colorado adoption center is the trusted adoption professionals in Lakewood. Our adoption experts provide adoption services to pregnant women and birth parents.

adoption in Longmont Colorado


Considering adoption in Longmont? Adoption Choices of Colorado will always treat you with the care and compassion you deserve. Together, we’ll find the family that’s perfect for you.

adoption in thornton


Adoption is your choice. And we’re here to support you in Thornton. Your Adoption Choices of Colorado adoption professional will walk with you through the Colorado adoption process and help you find the best home for your child.

adoption in westminister colorado


I’m pregnant in Westminister and considering adoption, can you help? Adoption Choices of Colorado‘s free adoption counselors are available to help you gather information so you can make an informed decision that is best for you and your baby.

adoption in Wheatridge Colorado


Considering adoption in Wheatridge? Whether you’re pregnant or already parenting, adoption allows you to choose a home where your child will have all the opportunities you dream of for her. Adoption Choices of Colorado can help now.

Why do Women Give Up Baby for Adoption in Colorado?

It’s common to hear “give up baby” for adoption but we want you to understand that adoption is not giving up. Choosing to make an adoption plan is brave, loving decision. If you are pregnant and considering adoption or curious as to why a woman might choose adoption, here are a few situations we have experience in helping a woman through the adoption process:

  • She doesn’t want a baby/child (or another child)
  • She’s not ready for a baby/child
  • She can’t afford to raise a baby/child (or another child)
  • She wants to further her education or career goals
  • She does not want to raise a baby alone/she doesn’t have support to raise a baby/child
  • She was sexually assaulted and doesn’t want to raise the baby
  • She can’t provide a safe/stable home for a baby/child
  • She is going to jail/prison for a substantial amount of time
  • Children services is going to take the baby away when it’s born
  • She thought she could handle a baby but now realizes she can’t
  • She feels too young to raise a baby/child
  • She feels too old to raise a baby/child
  • She isn’t prepared to raise a baby with special needs
  • She wants her baby to be raised by a family is different than her; perhaps more financially stable and can provide a life for the child that she can’t
  • She does not want to terminate the pregnancy but also does not want to keep the baby

There are so many reasons a woman might choose adoption and they are all okay! There is nothing wrong with you for not wanting to keep this child.

Private Adoption in Colorado

What does private adoption mean?

In general, there are three main types of adoption:

  • Foster care adoption
  • International adoption
  • Private domestic adoption

“Private adoption” may also be called“domestic adoption” or “infant adoption”.

So, what is it? A private adoption occurs when hopeful adoptive parents work with a private adoption agency to adopt a baby from within the U.S. On the other side of this process, a prospective birth mother voluntarily chooses to create an adoption plan for her baby. In foster care and international adoption, children are often waiting for families due to causes outside the mother’s control.

Adoption Choices of Colorado is a full-service, fully-licensed, nonprofit private adoption agency.

Adoption Agency in Colorado

Adoption Choices of Colorado is a full-service, fully-licensed, nonprofit private adoption agency. What sets us apart from other agencies? When you are searching for the best adoption agency, the choices can be overwhelming. There are some things that set us apart from other adoption agencies though and we compiled a list to help you decide!

The adoption professionals at Adoption Choices are amazing. You don’t have to take our word for it, check here or here and here! Our reviews from birth mothers and adoptive families speak for themselves. We know that adoption is a lifelong process and our social workers are available for continued counseling services after the finalization of an adoption and whenever it is needed for our clients. As an agency, we also can help birth mothers find any other post-placement services or resources they may need.

One of the next best things about working with our private adoption agency is that you can customize your adoption plan.  Adoption plans do not come in a one-size-fits-all. This is why it’s entirely up to the birth mother to make choices throughout the plan. With that, you will never be alone. Our adoption counselors will be here for you at any time to make sure you are confident in what you choose and comfortable with the plan.

Are you a Christian Adoption Agency

Adoption Choices of Colorado is not a religious-affiliated adoption agency. Instead, we welcome families of all religious backgrounds. Our approach makes it easier to match adoptive families and birth parents. We will work with Christian families, Jewish families, other religious families, and non-religious families. Please find more information here.




We are here 24/7 – you can call, text or e-mail anytime that works for you.


Set up a confidential orientation to explore your options.


Choose from the customized adoptive families that match your criteria.


Meet with a Pregnancy Counselor for pre-birth counseling and support, create your hospital plan, and meet the adoptive family (if you choose).


We offer monthly support group and lifelong counseling to all birth mothers.



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