Adoption Process in Denver

Adoption Process in Denver

Considering Adoption in Denver? We can help you understand the process.

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The Adoption Process in Denver

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption in Denver, you’ll want to learn all you can about the process. Adoption can be long and hard, so knowing the steps can help you decide. While the adoption process can be difficult, our specialists are ready to help you through every step. You’ll never be alone with us in your corner, and we’ll make sure every step goes as smoothly as possible. That’s what we do at Adoption Choices of Colorado, guide women through every part of the Denver adoption journey. No matter your circumstances, we’ll ensure that you and your baby have a bright future.

Steps for Denver Adoption Process

Step 1: Contacting Us at Adoption Choices of Colorado

The first step in your adoption would be contacting an adoption agency like ours. Remember that you don’t have to have decided on adoption just yet when connecting with us. We can give you any information you need to help you make a decision easier. You have options during an unplanned pregnancy, and adoption is just one of many. But if you have come to your decision, we’ll set up our first meetings that guide the rest of the process. So don’t fear taking this first step. We truly want to help you during this time. Contacting us is a simple step, but without it, we won’t be able to help you.

Step 2: The Adoption Plan

Once you’ve begun contact with us and decided on adoption, we’ll help create your adoption plan. The adoption plan is what sets the framework for the rest of your adoption. While our specialists help you with the many decisions, it’s all down to your wishes. The adoption plan covers as follows:

  • Budgeting
  • Choosing the adoptive family
  • Choosing the level of openness
  • The birth plan

The three levels of openness include open, semi-open, and closed. Open and semi-open allow contact with the adoptive family and your baby after the adoption. Open is the freest, while semi-open has more built-in boundaries. Closed means you will have no contact with the family and your baby. Ultimately, choose what you think is best for you.

During the creation of your plan, you tell us the ideal vision of the family that will adopt your baby. This can be down to many qualities, whatever you need to be comfortable. Our job is to find families looking to adopt that fit your choice and present them to you. We give you their profiles so you can learn more about them but encourage you to meet with them directly. Then, once you’ve made a choice, we continue from there.

Step 3: Birth and Signing Away Parental Rights 

Once your plan is complete and you decide on the big choices, what’s left is to go through your pregnancy. We have many resources that can assist you if you need them. These include support for finances, medical care, housing, and counseling. Our agencies can help pay certain bills and medical care, give safe housing during your pregnancy, and give emotional support. They are ready when you need them up until birth.

The birth process will follow the birth plan you set up in the adoption plan. You can decide who is with you in the room or any medication you do or don’t want. The plan also determines your time with your baby post-birth and if you want to name them. Then, we’ll ask you to sign away your parental rights, which finalizes the adoption. 

Step 4: Post-Adoption Support

Even after placing your baby for adoption, you may still need support. It’s perfectly normal to need help long after you signed away your parental rights. Our adoption counseling can remain available even after we finish your adoption. Many new feelings can arise after giving up your baby that we can help. If you’ve chosen an open or semi-open adoption, our agencies can facilitate communication between you and the family. We’ll make sure you stay connected while also following any set boundaries.

The Adoption Process With Adoption Choices of Colorado

We hope this gave you a good look into the process of your Denver adoption. Adoption Choices of Colorado is with you to support you throughout every step of the process. If you need more information, contact us to learn more. Then, once you feel ready, we can begin this journey with you.

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