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What Questions Should I be Asking When Calling Adoption Agencies/Professionals? 

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What Questions Should I be Asking When Calling Adoption Agencies/Professionals? 

To say the least, pregnancy can be quite an overwhelming journey. If there are ways to ease this process and avoid future stressors, they should absolutely be taken. Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we are dedicated to helping guide you throughout the adoption process

If you are struggling to figure out some questions to ask when contacting professionals in adoption agencies, we are here to help you! Here are some important questions that may be in your interest to ask! 

Are You a Licensed Adoption Agency? 

Going through a licensed agency is extremely important on your journey as a birth mother. Therefore, it is essential to ask and understand your adoption professional about legitimacy in adoption agencies in Colorado. You should be aware of any hazards as you prioritize the safety of your child and yourself. 

What Kind of Adoptions does the Agency Offer?

To one who may not be familiar with the adoption process in general, there are quite a few things to learn. There are different types of adoptions that can take place, and you need to choose the best fit for you. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we specialize in private adoptions. However, there are other methods that you may want to explore. Be sure to reach out to a professional about all options. 

When can I Begin the Adoption Process?

After understanding what adoption is and if you are still interested, ask for further details of adoption in Colorado Springs plans. This can be questioned, including the length of the process, when you can begin, and how you should give a baby up for adoption at birth. Even if you are still unsure if this is the right option for you, still ask! In understanding all possible routes, it will be easier for you to compare your other options and do a full analysis.  

What Resources do You Offer During Pregnancy?

As a birth mother, you are responsible for yourself and the life inside you. This is a lot of pressure to place on anyone, especially those who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. In an effort to ensure a smooth process, you should be aware of all the resources and support offered! Ask Colorado adoption agencies to see their options for counseling and doctor’s appointments.

What Resources do You Offer Post-Partum?

Again, adoption agencies should not only place priority on the child but focus on the birth mother as well. You want to know that you will be cared for after the accomplishment of birth. Postpartum, or the time after you give birth, is an emotional and physical challenge. Having access to tools and a community to reach out to is important as you begin to place your attention back on yourself. 

How do I Know My Child Will Go to a Good Adoptive Family?

We all want to ensure a bright future not only for ourselves but those we may be accountable for. Although you may be in a tight position right now to raise the child, you may still have a bias for how you would like the child to be raised. The opportunity to choose adoptive parents may excite you, and knowing your options is important.

Can I Keep in Touch with My Child After an Adoption?

Let’s say you have placed your baby for adoption, but what’s next? Depending on your desire for contact with your child, you may want to know the possibility of engaging with them. You will need to know how this correlates with adoptive families and agencies. 

What if I Change My Mind about Adoption During the Process?

Despite going through a different agency, this process is about you and your comfort. If you decide against adoption during the process, it is important to understand how it will affect you, the child, and the expecting parents. Adoption is a choice for you, not a requirement or expectation. You know what is best for you, and you may change your mind. You may want to keep your options open in addition to adoption in Colorado Springs

What Type of Plan does the adoption process follow? 

If you are unfamiliar with how to put a child up for adoption, it is in your best interest to fully research and understand what you will be undergoing. Adoption plans can include help with expenses, both medical and living, interviews with families, and more. A reminder, this is completely your choice, and only you know what you are capable of. 

What are Colorado Adoption Laws? 

Understanding the requirements and boundaries of adoption in Colorado is essential to the decision-making process. As a resident of Colorado, it is your duty as a citizen to protect yourself and the future of your child in adoption. But as a birth mother, you want to ensure that you will be represented and supported fully. 

It is always a good decision to reach out to for advice and information, and in this case, adoption specialists. However, you should be aware of all that is offered and what the processes entail before coming to a conclusion.